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Global Education Suite

Do you want to help your students become 'global graduates'?

Maximise their learning gain through our Global Education suite!
The Global Education suite comes in two versions: study abroad and internationalisation at home. Both lay the foundation for students' graduate careers in today’s globalised world and comprise 3 stages. They include:

  • Workshops
  • e-Courses
  • Experiential portfolios
  • Learning gain assessment

The resources (and training in their use, if required) are available for licence.

Study Abroad
Internationalisation at Home
Stage 1
Pre-departure: preparation

Initial encounters: transitions

Stage 2
While abroad: reflective learning Intercultural engagement: participation
Stage 3
Post-return: application learning Forward-planning: employability

Stage 1 e-course video demo

Further information

For further information about our 3-stage intercultural training and/or licencing enquiries, please click here and complete the form.