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Reem Doukmak


Reem completed a PhD in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics at Centre for Applied Linguistics at Warwick University. Reem's PhD focused on the engagement experiences of Syrian Refugee Teachers with teaching English through drama in Turkey.

Current Research

Reem is currently doing research on exploring the re-integration experience of refugees under Covid-19 in collaboration with artist Paul O'Donnell from Coventry. This project is part of Coventry Creates fund by Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 and University of Warwick.


Conference Attendance/Presentations

  • 17th Warwick PG Conference in Applied Linguistics (24-25 June 2014) University of Warwick. 'Learning Justifies the Interaction: An Insight into Refugee Learning Experience and Teachers’ roles in Creating Interactional Space' presentation.
  • First Edinburgh Conference in Critical Migration and Border Studies (9-10 January 2015) Edinburgh University. 'Learning and teaching in the context of/about migration' panel.
  • ESRC Festival of Social Sciences (1 November 2014) The Herbert Museum, Coventry. '​Students and teachers in limbo: Insights to Syrian refugee camp schools' poster presentation.
  • IATEFL TTed SIG International Conference: The Journey from Input to Interaction in English Language Learning, Gaziantep (22-26 April 2015). 'Implementing Drama in the ELT Classroom: A Syrian Refugee Case' presentation.
  • Istanbul Summit: Women As the Beneficiaries and Actors of Humanitarian Action 2015, Istanbul (9-10 May 2015). 'Refugee Women In-Outside Action' presentation.
  • Global Research Priorities - Global Governance (GRP-GG): Global Governance. (20 May 2015) University of Warwick. 'In or Out of School? Syria’s Lost Generation' presentation.
  • 18th Warwick PG Conference in Applied Linguistics (24-25 June 2014) University of Warwick. 'The Impossibility of Research: A Syrian Refugee Case' presentation.
  • GRP-GG PhD Conference: University of Warwick (13 July 2015) 'Challenges for Global Governance: Education in Crisis Situations' panel.
  • MRANG Showcase Merseyeside Refugee and Asylum Seeker Pre and Post Natal Support Group, Liverpool (25 November 2015). 'Between A refugee camp and A UK women’s group: Existing or Missing Link? ' presentation.
  • 49th British Association for Applied Linguistics, BAAL Annual Conference (1-3 September 2016) University of Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge: 'Refugee Crisis: Can Applied Linguistics Make a Difference?' presentation.
  • Conservative Party Fringe Meeting: Human Rights and Democracy (4 October 2016) Council House, Birmingham 'Humanitarian Crisis Impact on Syrian Children' presentation.
  • Festival of Ideas (19 October 2016) Cambridge University 'Academic Freedom under Attack: Global Perspectives' panel with Brendan O'Malley, Anne Alexander, Edward Anderson and Stephen Wordsworth.
  • iMean 5: Language and Change, University of West England, Bristol (6-8 April 2017), panel on Language and Impact.
  • PhD Workshop with visiting scholars from University of Waterloo, co-organised by PAIS and Law Departments, (27 April 2017) Scarman House, University of Warwick.
  • Refugee Week: ‘Your Space, Our Sanctuary’ panel, Belgrade Theatre (23 June 2017).
  • Discourses of Migration: ‘Undoing the Refugee Crisis: Discourse and Agency’ presentation and Offa House Project roundtable with Emmanuelle Santos and Paulo de Medeiros (7 September 2017), Millburn House, University of Warwick.
  • Chilean Exiles and World University Service AHRC Project Seminar. Supporting Exiles and Refugees: 1970s to the Present, 'Refugee Experiences in Historical and Contemporary Perspective' Roundtable (14 November 2017), Milburn House, University of Warwick.
  • Refugees, Migration and Political Culture: ‘Refugees and Political Culture – Lessons from History?’ roundtable with Lord Alf Dubs, Marion Berghahn, Waseem Yaqoob and Henning Grunwald (11 December 2017), Cambridge University, London, The Warburg Institute.
  • Ai Wei Wei's ‘Human Flow’ follow-up panel with staff and students, (25 January 2018) Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick.
  • Language, Translation and Migration Public Summit: Language, Citizenship: Living in a Multilingual World panel (26 May 2018), Ramphal Building, University of Warwick.
  • Re-integrate: a discussion and Q&A on the role of academic & artistic partnership during and post Covid-19, especially for newly arrived communities, Oxford City of Sanctuary.

Future Projects

Reem won International Changemaker bursary for doing a project in Coventry and Gaziantep on exploring the integration experiences of host and refugee population through art and cooking. The project is funded British Council and Coventry UK City of Culture.

Reem Doukmak

Dr Reem Doukmak