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Dr Kieran File



Assistant Professor


Centre for Applied Linguistics
University of Warwick

Research Interests

Sports discourse, team culture, media discourse, public image and public communication issues, discourse analysis, genre and register, sociolinguistics, qualitative research methods.


Kieran's research explores how professional athletes, coaches and managers use language when engaged in team and media communication. His PhD looked at the language of post-match interviews and identified patterns related to this genre of language use. His current research focus is on how athletes, coaches and managers build team culture through their communication choices. Kieran also applies his research to help professional athletes, coaches and managers with their communication needs. The Academy Project aims to help provide young players with media education earlier in their careers. He also helps players, coaches and managers with public and team-directed communication issues emerging in their specific sporting contexts.


  • File, K., 2015. The strategic enactment of a media identity by professional team sports players. Discourse & Communication, 9 (4), pp. 441-464, View
  • File, Kieran A., 2012. Post-match interviews in New Zealand rugby : a conciliatory media interview genre. New Zealand English Journal, 26 (1), pp. 1-22, View
  • File, Kieran Andrew, Adams, Rebecca, 2010. Should vocabulary instruction be integrated or isolated?. TESOL Quarterly, 44 (2), pp. 222-249, View
Books and Chapters
  • File, Kieran A., 2017. 'I didn't know you were allowed two goalkeepers' : how football managers negotiate invitations to criticise referees in the media. In: Caldwel, David; Walsh, John; Vine, Elaine; Jureidini , Jon; (ed.), The Discourse of Sport : Analyses from Social Linguistics, New York, NY, Routledge, pp. 71-91, View
  • File, Kieran A., Wilson, Nick, 2017. Adapting self for private and public audiences : the enactment of leadership identity by New Zealand rugby coaches in huddles and interviews. In: van de Mieroop, Dorien; Schnurr, Stephanie; (ed.), Identity Struggles. Evidence from Workplaces around the World, Amsterdam ; Philadelphia, John Benjamins Publishing Company, pp. 321-337, View
  • File, Kieran A., 2017. 'That was a bit daft though, wasn't it?' Strategic use of impoliteness in a post-match interview. In: Baczkowska, Anna; (ed.), Impoliteness in media discourse, Frankfurt am Main; New York, NY, Peter Lang Edition, pp. 107-125, View

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