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Dr Troy McConachy

Job Title
Associate Professor Reader
Applied Linguistics
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Research Interests

My work focuses on the theory and practice of intercultural learning within language education, intercultural training programmes, and internationalisation efforts within higher education. My work on language education has mainly focused on the potential of pragmatics to contribute to intercultural learning by looking at the development of metapragmatic awareness through analytical and reflective classroom talk. I have also sought to critique simplistic representations of pragmatics and culture in language learning materials. Although much of my work has looked at Japanese learners of English, I am now carrying out research on the intercultural development of Japanese language learners who study abroad in Japan and ways of approaching pragmatics teaching in Japanese language education. My research on the internationalisation of higher education has looked at the implications of how academic staff conceptualise 'participation' for teaching and learning in internationalised classroom environments. Recently, I have extended this work to focus on pedagogical rationales and practices within the context of internationalisation of the curriculum across the disciplines. *I am not currently taking on new PhD students.


After completing a BA in Japanese language at Griffith University in Australia in 2001, I spent the next 14 years teaching English language, academic skills, and intercultural communication at various language schools, technical colleges, and some of Japan's best universities. I completed my MA and PhD whilst I was in Japan. I joined the Department of Applied Linguistics at Warwick in September 2015. I am Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Intercultural Communication Education (ISSN 2209-1041), co-editor of the Cambridge Elements in Intercultural Communication series, and Research Officer of the International Association for Teaching Pragmatics (ITAP).