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Dr Annamaria Pinter

Job Title
Applied Linguistics
0044 2476523843
Research Interests

My research interests include second/ foreign language acquisition and learning for children of all ages. I am interested in language learning processes in both formal and informal contexts, task-based learning and developing language learning materials for children. I am also interested in inclusive, participatory research with children which includes working with children as active co-researchers. My other related area of interest is language teacher development and professional growth.


I trained as an English language teacher in Hungary in Budapest studying English and Russian linguistics and literature. I also worked in Hungary for a number of years in a variety of contexts, including state schools, International House (IH) language schools and a teacher training college. I completed my Masters and my PhD in ELT/Applied Linguistics at the Centre for Applied Linguistics at Warwick and since 2000 I have been working at the same Centre full time, teaching on the Masters in ELT progamme and supervising doctoral students. I am currently MA programme manager. Having published extensively in the area of teaching children second/foreign languages I am often asked to speak at conference internationally and have had extensive experience of working with language teachers from a range of different countries including Japan, Thailand, Turkey, South Korea, Sweden, Poland, Russia and India.

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Children playing online games in English: perspectives and practices of children across several countries British Council 01 Oct 2019 31 Mar 2023
The impact of teacher training at pre-service and early in-service levels on teacher performance in the classroom Anglo Mexican Foundation, The 01 Apr 2014 20 Dec 2014