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Dr Evi Sifaki

Job Title
Assistant Professor (Teaching Focussed)
Applied Linguistics
Research Interests

As a trained syntactician, I have worked on the syntax-semantics interface focusing on subjects and designated subject positions across languages (e.g., subjects in arbitrary and impersonal constructions, etc). I am also interested in documenting language change phenomena in both Greek and English and, wherever possible, am attempting to trace such changes historically. Aside from micro-based research, I have also taken up projects in applied linguistics; investigating the language of money and debt under a Cognitive Metaphor Theory lens, or, more recently, exploring ED & I- related projects (i.e., employability skills in diverse student groups).


After completing my ESRC - funded PhD in 2004 (University of York), I taught Linguistics at the University of Roehampton (originally part of the University of Surrey) for nearly 19 years. My diverse teaching portfolio ranges from theoretical modules such as: Syntax, Morphology, Meaning in Language, Language Variation and Change to Sociolinguistic ones such as Language, Society and Power. In 2022, I joined Warwick where I am contributing my teaching and research expertise in modules such as: Linguistics: Understanding Language, Morphology and Syntax, and Qualitative Research Methods.

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