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Dr. Christopher Strelluf



Assistant Professor


Centre for Applied Linguistics
University of Warwick
Tel: 0247 652 4929
WebLink: Doing Things with Words

Research Interests

I am a sociolinguist. I work primarily from variationist approaches. Most of my research has focused on describing dialects of English, and identifying changes in dialects resulting from a range of social and linguistic factors. I am currently focused on "historical sociophonetic" projects to digitise oral history collections that are held in archives, libraries, and museums in order to build resources for acoustic analyses of speakers born in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I am also working with Twitter data to examine grammatical constructions that occur infrequently in spoken English, and have recently entered several collaborations on English language and English language teaching in Cameroon. I welcome inquiries from qualified students who wish to pursue PhD projects in sociophonetics, dialectology, perceptual dialectology, and other areas of language variation and change.


I joined Warwick in 2017. I received my PhD in 2014 from the University of Missouri. I taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the United States from 2006 to 2017, working in subjects like linguistics, writing, rhetoric, and communication.


  • Strelluf, Christopher, Cardwell, Tasha, 2019. Surveying borders in a speech community. Dialectologia (22), View
  • Strelluf, Christopher, 2019. Anymore, it's on Twitter : positive-anymore, American regional dialects, and polarity-licensing in tweets. American Speech, 94 (3), pp. 313-351, View
  • Gordon, Matthew J., Strelluf, Christopher, 2016. Working the early shift : older inland northern speech and the beginnings of the northern cities shift. Journal of Linguistic Geography, 4 (01), pp. 31-46, View
  • Strelluf, Christopher, 2016. Overlap among back vowels before /l/ in Kansas City. Language Variation and Change, 28 (3), pp. 379-407, View
  • Strelluf, Christopher, 2015. 'The obligation of newspeople is not only to give the news accurately; it is also to say it correctly' : production and perception of broadcaster speech. Sociolinguistic Studies, 9 (4), pp. 467-491, View
Books and Chapters
  • Strelluf, Christopher, 2018. Speaking from the heartland : the Midland vowel system of Kansas City: Durham, NC, Duke University Press, View
  • Gordon, Matthew J., Strelluf, Christopher, 2017. Evidence of American regional dialects in early recordings. In: Hickey, Raymond; (ed.), Listening to the Past: Audio Records of Accents of English, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, View

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Speaking from the Heartland: the Midland Vowel System of Kansas City