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Charles C. Fries' life and career

[The account below is partial and still under construction]

Anthony (n.d.: 39) reports as follows:

Charles Carpenter Fries spent most of academic career at the University of Michigan. He was 'part of the mainstream of American language study; a member of the Linguistic Society of America from its beginning, once its president, more than once Director of its Linguistic Institutes; member of the [. . .] National Council of Teachers of English, and once its president; and a supporter and vice president of the Modern Language Association'. His students included Robert Lado and Kenneth Pike. (Anthony n.d.: 39)

Fries was primarily a linguist specializing in the English language, but he was always concerned with how languages could best be taught and learned. Early on in his career he was interested in improving the ways English was taught to native speakers, and later on English as a second language. According to Anthony (ibid.), it is no accident that the American TESOL Organisation chose Michigan-trained people for many of its early presidents.

Sources (most not yet incorporated into the above account):

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Prof. Emeritus Charles Fries Dies at 80 - Ann Arbor News September 9, 1967