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Works by A.S. Hornby

Here is a Comprehensive bibliography of works by A.S. Hornby (Word document)

Below are some of the materials by A. S. Hornby that we have copies of in the Warwick ELT Archive:

 Hornby - Composition Exercises

Composition Exercises in Elementary
London: Macmillan



1952 [with E.V. Gatenby and H. Wakefield]
The Advanced Learner's Dictionary of
Current English (2nd edition)
London: Oxford University Press

english by radio

English by Radio: Listen and Teach.
Wembley: BBC

cover: oxford progressive english for adult learners

Oxford Progressive English for Adult
Learners.Teachers Handbook. Book One.
London: Oxford University Press

a guide to patterns of usage

A Guide to Patterns and Usage in English
London: Oxford University Press

Influential description of the syntax of English designed especially to aid the teaching of English as a foreign language. Provides an analaysis in terms of verb patterns, adjective patterns and noun patterns, with sections on time and tense, adverbials, etc. Of particular value to those concerned with the preparation of course material and for use as a reference book, both by students and teachers. Concise, authoritative and very well indexed (British Council Bibliography, 1963).

the teaching of structural words and sentence patterns

The Teaching of Structural Words and
Sentence Patterns. Stage 1.
London: Oxford University Press

A series of source books for teachers of English as a foreign language. The series aims to cover items that are normally taught during a first English course. Each book is in two parts: Part 1 consists of substitution tables summarising the material presented in part 2, which gives sentence patterns and practical detailed suggestions to teachers. Stages 1 and 2 mainly deal with material which can be presented and drilled orally. Stage 3 extends the scope to material related more to written English (British Council Bibliography, 1963).

oxford advanced learners dictionary

1974 [with A.P. Cowie and J.Windsor
Oxford Advanced Learner's
Dictionary of Current English,
3rd edition
London: Oxford University Press