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L.G. Alexander archive

A talk recorded (20/2/1981) by Louis Alexander on the history of English language teaching in the 20th century (uploaded here with the permission of Julia Alexander). Described by Louis Alexander in his opening remarks as an 'off-the-cuff, impromptu attempt to survey some of the significant landmarks in the history of English language teaching in the 20th century', this talk was probably recorded for an Institute of Education London initiative in the 1980s (set in motion by Chris Brumfit) to develop a tape archive on the early days of aspects of English for speakers of other languages. This is a digitalized version of one of several tapes from the resulting collection which were donated to the Warwick ELT Archive by John Norrish in February 2005. 

Louis Alexander's family and life history, by Julia Alexander. A long 'note' contributed to the Archive in October 2010 by the widow of L.G. Alexander, Julia Alexander.