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Developing an Archive and Histories of Learner Autonomy (DAHLA) Project

This is the home page of the DAHLA project, coordinated by Richard Smith, which was launched at the Nordic Workshop on Learner Autonomy in the Foreign Language Classroom, Copenhagen, 31st August- 2nd September 2006. DAHLA stands for 'Developing an Archive and Histories of Learner Autonomy'.

In these pages, further details of the project, and results of our archive-building and history-construction activities will be posted. See links on the left to 'Archive' and 'Histories' for more on these two dimensions of the project, and findings / achievements to date.


A comprehensive chronological list of book-length publications - books, reports, journal special issues, conference proceedings etc. - connected with learner autonomy in language education (1970+ only)

Archive of difficult-to-obtain writings on learner autonomy, including digital archive (with, for example, the 'Bergen definition' of learner autonomy).

Link to 'autonomyhistories' (a wiki for collaborative construction of histories of learner autonomy practice in different contexts: under construction, and at this point limited experimentally to participants in the 9th Nordic workshop)