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Archive of difficult-to-obtain writings on learner autonomy

In the 2000s we began to develop a physical collection of writings on learner autonomy in language education (in the Department of Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick and consultable on site) and a digital archive of some writings, reproduced here when permissions were forthcoming. (See links below for items uploaded adn accessible electronically).

Our aims were:

(1) to safeguard writings which are already or might become difficult to obtain;

(2) to serve as a temporary home for electronic publication of difficult-to-obtain sources (when permissions are given), until the point when these can be published by the writers / original publisher (e.g. teacher associations in the case of newsletters) themselves;

(3) to encourage and provide help to other autonomy-related associations etc. to publish their own archives; and

(4) to provide links to various sources - whether uploaded here or available on other sites - on this page.

Also see: a comprehensive chronological list of books, reports, conference proceedings etc. connected with learner autonomy in language education (up to 2015).


Digital archive:

Links to resources available on other sites: