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Research groups

We have three active research groups, which often collaborate in areas of mutual interest.

Language Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LLTA)

Members of the LLTA research group are interested in historically and contextually situated engagement in/with language learning and teaching research, policy, practice and evaluation in a range of international contexts.

Professional and Academic Discourse (PAD)

Members of the PAD research group are investigating text and discourse - both written and spoken - in a variety of professional and academic social contexts. Within each project we seek to understand the situated nature of text production and use, and the implications for those involved in associated language events.

Working and Communicating across Cultures (WACC)

The WACC team at the University of Warwick is actively involved in a wide range of research activities associated with 'Working and Communicating across Cultures', as well as public engagement with practitioner and professional audiences which builds on this research.