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Coventry City of Languages - an inter-organisational project to promote languages and language learning across Coventry

Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre - provides support, including language education and language support services, to migrants in Coventry.

Ethnic Minority Achievement Service - provides support to migrants in Coventry, including multilingual assistants, community language classes, and English as an Additional Language consultancy.

Welcome to Coventry - Coventry City Council support for refugees, asylum seekers and newly arrived communities in Coventry, including a web app.


West Midlands & Warwickshire

MiFriendly Cities - a project to support refugees and migrants in the West Midlands, including the Share my Language network.

West Midlands routes into Languages - 'Promoting the take-up of languages and student mobility'



Alliance of Modern Languages, Area Studies and Linguistics Subject Associations UK (AMLUK) - 'an informal grouping of Heads of Modern Languages, Area Studies and Linguistics subject associations to share information and strategies'

Association for Language Learning (ALL) - 'the UK’s major subject association for those involved in the teaching of foreign languages at all levels'

Bilingualism Matters - organisations and individuals committed to making research on multilingualism and language learning available and accessible to families, communities, and professionals in education, health or policy.

Creative Multilingualism - a research programme exploring the interplay between multilingualism and creativity, and aims to reinvigorate the identity of Modern Languages across sectors and social strata.

The Languages Company - engages in initiatives to support language teaching and learning, and to stimulate debate about language policy in England and across the world.

Migration, Identity and Translation Network - an interdisciplinary hub (via the Monash-Warwick Alliance), which explores issues relating to migration, identity, and translation from a variety of literary, cultural, linguistic, sociological, and historical perspectives.

MOSAIC Group for Research on Multilingualism - a forum for the development of new, interdisciplinary lines of enquiry related to bilingualism/multilingualism, multilingual literacy, bilingual education, second language learning and contemporary discourses about linguistic and cultural diversity.

Multilingual Manchester - teaching, research and outreach activities which promote awareness of language diversity in the city-region and beyond, and strive to ensure equality of access to services and to home language maintenance.

National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education - national strategic and support organisation for community-led supplementary schools.

The Future of Languages - 'a multidisciplinary forum of linguists who a share bold vision for language-learning in England’s schools'

University Council of Modern Languages (UCML) - 'the unifying voice for modern languages in the UK'