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Histories of Learner Autonomy in Language Education

Compiled by Richard Smith (


These pages provide sources and timelines I referred to for my paper on ‘The History of Learner Autonomy’ at the 20th anniversary Nordic Conference on Developing Autonomous Learning in the Foreign Language Classroom, September 2006, Copenhagen.

Various types of timeline are provided via the following links (I shall attempt to update these pages and add further pages as research proceeds. In their original form they were among the handouts I gave out at the above conference):


Further timelines for other contexts or aspects will be added in due course. If you spot anything that needs changing or adding, please contact me at the above email address.

Below is the list of sources I have referred to within the Timelines: published sources (1.), and interviews or responses to an e-mail questionnaire (2.).

1. Published sources

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‘LD profile’ = Profile of Leni Dam (presumably self-authored) on the HKUST conference (2004) web-page:

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2. Face-to-face and email ‘interviews'

MB = Marta Bujakowska, email response, 8/06

LD = Interview with Leni Dam, 12/03/06

RE = Rigmor Eriksson, email responses, 8/06

GG = Gerd Gabrielsen, email responses, 8/06

ZG = Zosia Grudzinska, email response, 8/06

BH = Birte Hjermind, email response, 8/06

HH = Henri Holec, personal communication, 1/06

JM = June Miliander, email response, 8/06

PR = Phil Riley, personal communication, 1/06

TT = Turid Trebbi, personal communication, 23/1/06