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Theses from 1995-2010


Academic reading in a Mexican University: Observing and documenting the effects of a small-scale pedagogic intervention.(Leon-Hernandez, Jose, EdD)

A Corpus-Based Comparative Study of Metadiscourse in English Academic Essays: Similarities and Differences among Chinese Undergraduates, 2+2 Chinese Undergraduates and English Native Undergraduates.  (Li Ting, EdD)

Teacher Oral Feedback on Student Writing: an action research approach towards teacher-student conferences (Wayne Trotman, PhD)

Learner Indiscipline in the Mainstream EFL Classroom of Greek State Primary Schools: Causes and Management Strategies (Fotini Vassiliki Kuloheri, EdD)

An Investigation into the Relationships among Experience, Teacher Cognition, Context, and Classroom Practice in EFL Grammar Teaching in Argentina (Hugo Santiago Sanchez, PhD)

Teacher Appraisal: The Impact of Observation on Teachers' Classroom Behaviour (Amanda Howard, PhD)

A Critical Investigation into a textbook and its actual and Potential uses in Pakistani Higher Secondary Education (Jabreel Asghar, EdD)

An Interactive Perspective on Classroom Motivation: A Practitioner Research Study in a Taiwanese University Context (I-Cheng Wu, EdD)

Using Mixed Methods to Explore L2 Motivation: A Study of Senior High School English Learners in Taiwan (Szu-An Chen, EdD)


Inside Bilingual Education in Thailand: Staffroom and Classroom Perspectives (Maneerat Tarnpichprasert, PhD)

Investigating the Support Needs of Non-Native English Speaking International Students in online Distance Learning (David Catterick, PhD)

Writing in English Relative Clauses and Conjunctive Adjuncts in Syrian University Students (Amani Fakhra, PhD)

Transition in EFL from Secondary to Preparatory in Mexican State Schools: Participant Perspectives (Nora Basurto Santos, PhD)

Communicative Language Teaching and the ELT Journal: A Corpus-Based Approach to the History of a Discourse (Duncan Hunter, PhD)

An Investigation into the Benefits of Collaborative Writing for the Development of EFL Children's Communication Skills (Young Ok Jong, EdD)

A Case Study Based Inquiry into the Adoption and Adaptation of Communicative Language Teaching in Chinese Universities (Qing Qing Xue, EdD)

The use of pocket electronic dictionaries by Thai learners of English (Atipat Boonmoh, PhD)


A textual and contextual study of English language and literature essays: the case of First Year English Department students' writing in Dhaka University, Bangladesh (Nevin Farida, PhD)

Learning English as an International Language or Not? A Study of Taiwanese Students' Motivation and Perceptions (Hsuan-Yau Lai, EdD)

Teachers' Experiences in a UK International School: The Challenges of Adaptation (Vasiliki Papaioannou, EdD)

Social Networks, Language Learning and Language School Student Sojourners; A Qualitative Study (Pi-Chu Wu, EdD)

Cultures and Learner Behaviours: A Qualitative Investigation of a Thai Classroom (Chutigarn Raktham, EdD)

English for Specific Purposes Task-Based Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication: Effectiveness in Meeting the Communicative needs of Computer Science students (Sarimah Shamsudin, PhD)

Genre Transfer from Dissertations to Research Article among Thai Scientists (Issra Pramoolsook, PhD)

Constructing concepts of learner autonomy in language education in the Chinese context: a narrative-based inquiry into university students' conceptions of successful English Language Learning (Xiaoli Jiang, PhD) 

Constructing Conceptualizations of English Academic Writing within an EFL context: Streams of Influence at a Taiwan University (Michael P Geary, PhD)


'English is Must to Us': Languages and Education in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya (Vicky Khasandi-Telewa, PhD)

A Study of Methods of Evaluating CALL Multimedia Materials for Language Learning (Saima N. Sherazi, PhD)

The Focus-on-form Effects of Strategic and On-line Planning: An Analysis of Japanese Oral Performance and Verbal Protocols (Ryo Nitta, PhD)

Plagiarism and International Students: An Investigation in the British Higher Education Context (Nadezhda Yakovchuk, PhD)

Investigating the Nature of Young Learner Classroom Assessment in an ESL Context: The Case of Cameroon (Charles Achu Achu Tante, PhD)

Practitioner Research on Task Motivation in a Chinese University Context: Integrating Macro and Micro Perspectives (Li Na, PhD)

Exploring scaffolding communication in second language shared reading interactions with Korean learners of English (Kim, Bong-Gyu, EdD)

Primary EFL in China: Teachers' Perceptions and Practices with Regard to Learner-centredness (Wang Qiang, PhD)


Group Processes' Influence on Learners' Motivation: A Study in EFL Classrooms (Ya Hui Chang, PhD)

Dimensions of Questioning: A Qualitative Study of Current Classroom Practice in Malaysia (Habsah Hussin, EdD)

Malaysian Literacy Practices in English: 'Big Books', CD-ROMs and the Year 1 Literacy Hour (Aizan Yaacob, PhD)

A Study of English Learning Attitudes and Perceptions among Senior High School Students in Taiwan (I-Fang Chung, EdD) 


The Effects of a Feedback-based Instruction Programme on Developing EFL Writing and Revision Skills of First Year Moroccan University Students (Malika Haoucha, PhD)

Impact of a Critical Reading Course on High School Students in Turkey (Simla Icmez, PhD)

Experienced EFL Teachers' Personal Theories of Good Teaching: A PCT-based Investigation (Sultan Erdoğan, PhD)

Teaching and Learning English as an International Language in Portugal: Policy, Practice and Perceptions (Luis Guerra, PhD)

Addressing the Grammar Needs of Chinese EAP Students: an Account of a CALL Materials Development Project (Fei-Yu Chuang, PhD)


Supporting East Asian Undergraduates in British Higher Education: The Impact of a Learner Training Intervention (Androulla Athanasiou, PhD)

A Study of Omani Teachers' Careers: A Journey from Enthusiasm (Auhoud Said Albelushi, PhD)


Extensive Reading: A Breakthrough in Learning English for Junior High Schools in Taiwan (Samuel Sheu, PhD)


Developing Listening Comprehension Strategies Among Prospective Teachers of English in Egypt (Attia Abdel-Aal, PhD)

English Vocabulary Input in the Tertiary Classroom in China (Eunice Tang, PhD)

Contrastive Rhetoric of English Persuasive Correspondence in the Thai Business Context: Cross-Cultural Sales Promotion, Request and Invitation (Ora-Ong Chakorn, PhD)


A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Communication Processes in a Bilingual Court of Law in Gaborone, Botswana (Elma Thekiso, PhD)

Explorations into Task-Based Interactions with Non-Proficient Young Learners of English (Annamaria Pinter, PhD)

Reflection on Writing in Portfolio Assessments: A Case Study of EFL Primary School Pupils in Brunei, Darussalam (Junaidi Rahman, PhD)

Curriculum Innovation in the Primary EFL Classroom: Case Studies of Three Teachers Implementing Hong Kong's TOC Initiative (David Carless, PhD)


Programme Evaluation by Teachers in Their Own Classrooms: An Observational Study (Richard Kiely, PhD)

An Analysis of the Development of Teacher Belief Constructs During Teaching Practice and in the Novice Year of Teaching: A Case Study of English Language Teachers in the Malaysian Context (Aziz Abullah Sani, PhD)

Computer-based Learning and Changing Legal Pedagogical Orders of Discourse in UK Higher Education: A Comparative Critical Discourse Analysis of the TLTP Materials in Law (Paul Wickens, PhD)


An Evaluation of the Writing Component of the Higher Secondary English Syllabus in Bangladesh (Rubina Khan, PhD)

EFL/ESP Teacher Development and Classroom Innovation through Teacher-Initiated Action Research (Sada Daoud, PhD)

The words they need and the words they know: a corpus-based investigation of the lexis of postgraduate Engineering textbooks with reference to the needs of South-East Asian students (Jiawei Liu, PhD)


Transitional Bilingualism : A Study of the Language Experience of Some Families of Pakistani Origin Living in Britain (Julia Khan, PhD)


The Development of Students' Writing Ability in English at University Level in Syria (Abdul Hamid Meygle, PhD)


English for Academic Purposes in Japan: An Investigation of Language Attitudes and Language Needs in a Department of Law (Hajime Terauchi, PhD)


An Investigation into ESL Students' Academic Writing Needs: The Case of Agriculture Students in Egerton University, Kenya (Peter Kibiwott Kurgatt, PhD)