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'Maybe I can tell you my story' language learning motivation, identity and the needs of adult ESOL students in England. (Kathryn Sidaway, PhD)

Exploring Oracy Assessment In-Interaction in the Primary School. (Helena Wall, PhD)

Understanding the Challenges of Synchronous Video-Mediated Teaching through the Eyes of Remote ELT Practitioners. (Maricarmen Balbina Gamero Mujica, PhD)

Design and implementation of course for mentors of teacher-research through a collaborative action research approach. (Claudia Bustos-Moraga, PhD)


"There are new faces here today." Negotiations of Membership in Modern Diasporas. (Ayten Alibab, PhD)

A cross-cultural and intercultural investigation of request realisation strategies in Italian and British-English and the issue of how culturally-bound understandings of politeness can affect intercultural interactions. (Valentina Bartali, PhD)

A Critical Re-Imagining of ELT in Algeria: Exploring Possibilities for Critical Pedagogy. (Abir Drissat, PhD)

English as an Additional Language for Sudanese Children in Sheffield Primary Schools: Bridging the Gap between the Schools and Families (Wagdi Gabreldar Mahil Abdallah, PhD)

‘Why is integration still associated with us?’: Approaching issues of social integration of German-Turkish descendants in Germany from a sociolinguistic perspective (Yesim Kakalic, PhD)

Developing RP strategies to support interpersonal/intercultural awareness for teachers: a data-led approach (Samiah Ghounaim, PhD)

Transformation in Intercultural Contexts: Challenges and Support (Eva Jordans, PhD)

“Challenging traditional understandings of leadership through discourse: A sociolinguistic case study of a basketball team.” (Anastasia Stavridou, PhD)


Doing leadership in healthcare emergencies (Polina Mesinoti, PhD)

Being and becoming: An ecological exploration of humanistic motivation in multilingual learning among Japanese language majors in China (Zi Wang, PhD)

Eight expert Indian teachers of English: A participatory comparative case study of teacher expertise in the Global South (Jason Anderson, PhD)

Building the Bridge of Affordances: Exploring Teacher Research Support in a University Language Centre (Abdullah Khalfan Al Rawahi, PhD)

Aspects of the Cambridge ICELT ethos: An in-depth exploration of discursive practices in a globalised in-service language teacher training course (Ernesto Vargas Gil, PhD)

A critical autoethnography concerning the fostering of transformative relationships in a neoliberal university (Alison Williams, PhD)

Team cohesion as a discursively negotiated construct – An ethnographic study of a professional football team (Solvejg Wolfers, PhD)


The motivational journeys of Chinese students in a UK university: An ecological perspective for practitioners and researchers (Sal Consoli, PhD)

Introducing Drama to the English Classroom: Engagement in Research Interventions with Syrian Refugees (Reem Doumak, PhD)

"You live together, you train together, you play together, you drink together": An investigation of transition in British university sport (Daniel Clayton, PhD)


“We live in constant chaos”: Exploring the dynamicity of teaching motivation from a complexity perspective (Simon Ness, PhD)

Exploring Learning Progress and Challenges in English Decoding Skills Development in the Korean EYL Context: From the Perspectives of Children (Heeyang Park, PhD)

I am in no position to express myself.’ An Ethnographic Case Study of Multilingualism at a Finnish Food Corporation (Kristina Humonen, PhD)

Semioticians’ glassy essence. The discursive construction of semiotics through the eyes of its practitioners (Eduardo Chávez Herrera, PhD)

Rhetoric of the Non-Veiled: Exploring religious identity construction among Malaysian Muslim women who do not veil (Farhana Binti Abdul Fatah PhD)

Representation of a same-sex marriage debate in national and international media reports: The case of “In the Name of the Family” in Croatia (Ana Kedveš PhD)

Localizing Global English Language Textbooks: A Critical Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Identity Construction in Global, Regional and Local Editions. (Suha Alansari, PhD)

Malaysian Primary School Teachers’ Use of and Cognitions about Digital Technology for Literacy Instruction: A Case-based Investigation (Saiful Zainal PhD)

The 'good' mother?: The discursive construction of identities among new mothers in Malaysia (Norazrin Zamri PhD)

Teachers’ identity construction: A case study of Vietnamese teachers in communicative English classrooms (Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung PhD)

Learning English as a foreign language: eliciting young Chilean children’s views (Pia Tabali Marin PhD)

Utilizing the CEFR to Explore the Adequacy of a Preparatory Year Programme in Meeting the Writing Requirements of Students in University Medical Colleges (Ebtesam Abdulhaleem PhD)


'It's all about trust after all': Doing Trust in Cross Border Collaborations (Christina Efthymiadou PhD)

An investigation into the characteristics and efficacy of in-sessional academic English language provision at UK higher education institutions (Seyedeh Haghi PhD)

Decision Making and Leadership Discourse in a Malaysian Workplace (Nor Azikin Mohd Omar, PhD)

The making of the “Impact Agenda”. A study in discourse and governmentality (Marta Wroblewska, PhD)

The reproduction and negotiation of knowledge in HIV/AIDS consultations in Malawi (Rachel Chimbwete-Phiri, PhD)

Troubles Talk as a Relational Strategy in Intercultural Teamwork (Carolin Debray, PhD)

Improving ELT Teacher Training Practices through Planning, Design and Implementation of an ICT-supported INSET Programme: An Action Research Study in Qatar (Mohammad Manasreh, PhD)

Constructions of academic struggles through qualitative interviews with researchers in the UK higher education (Sixian Hah PhD)

‘I’m raising it because (.)’ Doing problems at work: Discursive construction of the organisational problem in a multinational corporate workplace (Kyoungmi Kim, PhD)

Discursive Borders in EUrope (Veit Schwab, PhD)

A Corpus based investigation of macro and mirco structures in Applied Linguistics research articles in the TCI database: Descriptive and Pedagogic Dimensions (Attapol Khamkhien, PhD)

Corrective Feedback in Elementary English Classes in Taiwan (Lan-Ting Huang, PhD)

Creating a talk skills approach to improving dialogic interaction in the foreign language learning classroom (George Skuse, PhD)

Exploring Criticality in Teaching English for Academic Purposes via Pedagogy for Autonomy, Practitioner Research and Arts-enriched Methods (Ana Inés Salvi, PhD)


Social Authentication and the Synergies Between Teacher and Student Motivation: A narrative of teaching at a Japanese university (Richard Pinner, PhD)

Perceptions and responses of higher education institutions to recent government English language policy change: An Ecuadorian case study (Diego Cajas Quishpe, PhD)

Creating Global Graduates: In what ways do students develop intercultural competencies through intercultural competencies through teamwork projects? (Thomas Greenaway, PhD)

Managing difference: Postgraduate students’ experiences and perspectives on multicultural group work in an internationalising university (Xiaozhe (Sherry) Cai, PhD)

Constructing and Contesting the Good British Citizen: an investigation of the contemporary citizenship regime as discursive practice (Rachel Lewis, PhD)


A corpus-driven investigation into the semantic patterning of grammatical keywords in undergraduate History and PIR (Politics & international Relations) essays (Karin Whiteside, PhD)

A predictive validity study: The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTEA) and the English proficiency of outer circle students for academia in the inner circle (Roy Wilson, PhD)

Student engagement: Towards a higher uptake of Modern Foreign Languages in Key Stage 4 (Nicolás Pino James, PhD)

Pre-service teachers reflecting on their teaching practice: an action research study in a Mexican context
(Floricely Dzay Chulim, PhD)

The Formally Stated, Observed and Perceived Realities of Research Education in Initial, University-Based English Language Teacher Education in North Cyprus: A Case Study
(Ceren Oztabay, PhD)

Promoting metacognition of reading strategies in a higher education context in Pakistan (Bushra Ahmed Khurram, PhD)


Teachers' Perspectives on English Language Teaching: a research journey from difficult to conflict circumstances in Syria

Children's perceptions and experiences of international issues: an exploration into an Iranian context (Samaneh Zandian, PhD)

'Authenticity' in English Language Teaching and Learning: A case study of four high school classrooms in Turkey (Erkan Kulekci, PhD)

Appropriate Pedagogy for Critical Reading in English in the Japanese Secondary School Context: An Action Research Investigation (Mayumi Tanaka, PhD)

Exploring teacher-student classroom feedback interactions on EAP writing: A grounded theory approach (Zuleyha Unlu, PhD)

Appraisal in discussion sections of doctoral theses in the discipline of ELT/Applied Linguistics at Warwick University:
A corpus-based analysis
(Yifan Geng, PhD)

Where actions speak louder than words: The experience of trainee cooks on work placement in Singapore (Yen-ning Pang (Priscilla), PhD) 

The perceived effectiveness of the implementation of task-based language teaching and mediation procedures for the teaching of business presentations at a Thai university
(Wuttiya Payukmag, PhD)

Code-switching in ELT teaching and Practice in Turkey: Teacher practice, beliefs and identity (Sezen Seymen, PhD)

Interaction in Multicultural Project-Team Meetings: Managing the Formative Stages (Miriam Vigier, PhD)

An investigation into the Match or Mismatch between a Saudi Medical School English Programme and Workplace Use of English: An ESP Case Study, from Needs Analysisand Sociolinguistic Perspectives (Elham Ghobain, PhD)


Applying Translation Theories and Pedagogy: a multiple case study exploring postgraduate translation programmes in China and the UK (Meilan Zou, PhD)

B-learning and the Teaching of Writing in English in an EFL Context: An Action Research Study (Jane Spinola Diogo, PhD)

Negotiating professional identities in higher education during redundancy and uncertainty: Narratives of TEFL teachers in Northern Cyprus (Fatos Eren Bilgen, PhD)

A Study of Relating Between Vietnamese and Native English-Speaking Teachers in Team Teaching EFL Students at Tertiary Level in Vietnam (Tran Thi Minh Khanh, PhD)

Relational management in professional intercultural interaction: Chinese officials' encounters with American and British professionals (Jiayi Wang, PhD)


An investigation into written genres used by professional social workers and taught to social work students in Botswana (Unity M Nkateng, PhD)

Reflection for Specific Purposes: the use of Reflection by Nigerian English language teachers (Timi Hyacinth, PhD)

Context-appropriate ELT pedagogy: An investigation in Cameroonian Primary Schools (Harry Kuchah, PhD)

International Chinese Students' Strategic Vocabulary Learning (Isobel Kai-Hui Wang, PhD)

Teachers’ beliefs about appropriate methodology in Thai secondary level English Education (Anyarat Nattheeraphong (Ying), PhD)

A case study of team teaching and team teachers in Korean primary school (Jaeyeon Heo (Jennifer), PhD)

Teachers Developing Language-driven CLIL through Collaborative Action Research in Argentina (Dario Banegas, PhD)

Professional Development: Experiences of English teachers at primary level in Thailand (Oranuch Puangsuk, PhD)


An Autoethnographic Inquiry into My Practice and Experiences as a Teacher Trainer and Beginning Principal at Two International Schools in Sri Lanka (Claire Wijayatilake, PhD)

An exploration of Cross-Cultural Adaptation in the Context of European Student Mobility (Ana-Maria Beaven, PhD)

Explorations in the Feasibility of Introducing Phonological Awareness and Early Reading Instruction into Japanese Elementary School English Education (Chika Ikeda, PhD)

The Development of Self-Access Materials for Listening Comprehension: A Case Study in a Thai University (Watjana Suriyatham, EdD)

Teaching and Learning in Large Tertiary Syrian Classes: An Investigation into Students' and Tutors' Perspectives (Mais Ajjan, PhD)

Experience of and support for beginning English teachers: A qualitative Hong Kong case study (Hau-Hing Tang (Elaine), PhD)

Home Truths from Abroad? A TESOL Blueprint for the Mediation of L1/L2 Language Awareness (Neil Morgan, PhD)

Beyond ABC: Investigating current rationales and systems for the teaching of early reading to young learners of English (Shelagh Rixon, PhD)

Learners' Engagement with Internet Materials: An Action Research Study into the Use of Internet Materials with EFL Learners in a Syrian Context (Iman Shamsini, PhD)

Biography of an English Language Textbook in Kenya: A Journey from Conceptualization to the Classroom (Alice Wanjira Kiai, PhD)

Integration, Identity and Beyond: A Narrative Case Study of Two Japanese Women Living in Britain (Mikio Iguchi, EdD)

Increasing Phonological Awareness: A Discourse Intonation Approach (Mahmoud Jeidani, PhD)


L2 creative writers: Identities and writing processes (Yan Zhao (Michelle), PhD)

The role and efficacy of phonics instruction in the early literacy development of young Taiwanese EFL learners (Ling-Chun Kuo, PhD)

Behind Classroom Codeswitching: Culture, Curriculum and Identity in a Chinese University English Department (Xiaozhou Zhou (Emily), PhD)

Perspectives on Tutor Induction within the Adult ESOL sector in the UK (Swaleha Naqvi, EdD)

Exploring Teacher Cognition and Practice in Teaching L2 Reading in Malaysia (Suhaida Omar, EdD)

Investigating the Effects of the Supervisor's Feedback on International Masters Students' Dissertation Writing Outcomes in the UK (Ahmad Yusuf Idris, PhD)

Measuring Language Learner Autonomy in Tertiary-Level Learners of English (David Dixon, PhD)

Ideal and Reality of Textbook Selection: An interview and questionnaire-based investigation in the Taiwanese tertiary context (Shu-er Huang, EdD)

The impact of in-service teacher training on teachers' classroom practice and their perception change (Juyoun Sim, EdD)

Understanding Students' Learner Autonomy through Practitioner Research (Yi-Chu Wei, Sherri, PhD)

Success with IELTS: an In-Depth Investigation of Learners' Perceptions and Strategies in Relation to the IELTS Examination (Yi-Jen Tsai, PhD)

Integrating Literature and Cooperative Learning with Non-English Majors: A Taiwanese Study (Wan-Lun Lee, PhD)

A Textual and Contextual Comparison of Voice in Student Writing in the EAP Preparatory Course and Two Undergraduate Courses at the University of Botswana (Boitumelo Tiny Ramoroka, PhD)

Understanding Undergraduate Engineering Laboratory Reports (UELRs) (Chae Kwan Jung, EdD)


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