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Warwick Research Links

Global Research Priorities

Our staff members play an active role in several of Warwick’s Global Research Priorities (GRPs). Malcolm MacDonald and Stephanie Schnurr are part of the convening group of the GRP Global Governance, and Jo Angouri is a member of the advisory board of the GRP Science & Technology for Health. Several other staff members are active participants in these GRPs, as well as in Connecting Cultures and Science & Technology for Health. Please click on the respective icons to find out more about the research activities of each of these GRPs.

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Interdisciplinary Research Projects within Warwick

Staff members are currently involved in several interdisciplinary research projects with members from other departments and faculties across the university.

  • Crisis Leadership in Global Governance: This pilot project, funded by a University of Warwick Strategic Award, seeks to explore innovative, multidisciplinary, and problem-driven pathways to understanding Crisis Leadership in Global Governance. It explores how leadership in global governance emerges, how it is recognised (or not), how crisis leadership is communicated in this context, which leadership strategies are effective, and what implications this has for the legitimacy of global governance. The project team consists of Malcolm MacDonald and Stephanie Schnurr from CAL, and Lena Rethel and Alex Homolar from PAIS. The project website can be accessed by clicking here.
  • Predictability of TOEFL iBT® scores: Staff member Ema Ushioda is collaborating with Simon French (Statistics) on this project to investigate the predictive validity of TOEFL iBT® scores and their use in informing policy in a UK university setting (2013-2015). The project is funded by ETS TOEFL iBT®Council of Research, and aims to investigate possible links between postgraduate students’ initial TOEFL iBT English language entry scores, their attendance at pre-sessional, in-sessional or other linguistic support programmes, and their academic grades during their courses of study at Warwick. For more information, please click here. (edit link)
Joint PhD supervision

Staff members are interested in co-supervising PhD students with colleagues from other departments. Currently, Johannes Angermueller (CAL) and Vicki Squire (PAIS) jointly supervise Veit Schwab’s doctoral thesis on 'Migration and the Labour / Refugee Divide. A Multi-Sited Subject Position Analysis'. Veit has a background in politics and is especially interested in the impact of his research among civil society actors.