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EGC Summer School - Course Details

The programme focuses on:

  • English language development;
  • Strategies for intercultural communication;
  • Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Skills;

Academic, Cultural and Poster Conference Projects

Participating students will undertake various projects during the programme the aim of which is to enable them to work collaboratively in small groups in order to explore more deeply an element of language and culture that particularly interests them and that will be of postgraduate value to them. They will be mentored throughout the projects.

At the end of the programme, each group will formally present the results of their project to their tutors and fellow-group members, answer questions, and discuss any points of interest with the audience.

There will be the opportunity to reflect upon how the experience of completing the project has enhanced their effectiveness as students.

The University of Warwick’s educational approach is based on:

  • A clear understanding of students’ learning needs;
  • Activities that reflect the uses to which students will need English in an increasingly globalised work environment;
  • An interactive student learning environment where students engage in real, task-based communication, and the teacher directs and facilitates learning;
  • Warwick’s unique open-space teaching method utilising drama as a means of learning; Authentic materials that reflect the uses of English in real academic contexts and therefore respond to students’ future study needs;
  • Content is drawn from undergraduate and master degree programmes and delivered by University of Warwick professors and tutors;