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ELT Aims and Assessments

This programme is designed for teachers who wish to develop their theoretical and practical understanding of English language teaching and enrich their teaching practice in secondary and tertiary settings. It draws upon the participants’ existing pedagogical knowledge and will aim to raise awareness of current innovations in English language teaching. Across the 4 weeks of the programme, a wide range of practical activities challenge participants to reflect on their teaching contexts and to try out new teaching methods. They will also develop their own teaching materials and enhance their practical skills of using technologies for teaching purposes. This 120-hour, 4 week face to face programme will take place in the Summer of 2023.

Participants will learn about current innovations in English language teaching, supported by theory. Materials and tasks that scaffold the course will both guide participants as well as raise awareness of issues, challenges and developments in the ELT world. The participants’ own teaching context be the focus of a micro-teaching project; this will include the planning and delivery of an aspect of teaching from their own classroom.

The themes for the 2023 programme include:

  • Literature and Drama in ELT
  • Teaching ELT through Music
  • Technology in the ELT classroom

The participants will take part in a project that will require them to:

  • Focus on an aspect of their current teaching practice, trialling ideas through microteaching workshops with peers.
  • Produce a written project, including a lesson plan that outlines the rationale for their chosen teaching focus
  • Teach part of the lesson in a Microteaching workshop
  • Produce materials to support their chosen topic
  • Participate in a final Academic Poster Seminar to share and disseminate their findings with peers and tutors.
  • To complete an online portfolio to become a record of their work and achievement on this particular course.