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Learning community

Applied Linguistics at Warwick is recognised for its exceptional learning community. Students are central to every aspect of the Applied Linguistics experience. Students coordinate a calendar of social events and academic and professional development schemes through Linguistics Society. Students also pariticipate in deparmental governance and shape programme curricula through the Applied Linguistics Student-Staff Liaison Committees.

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Abi Booth

Hi I'm Abi, a second-year English Language and Linguistics student. I am thoroughly enjoying University life, and all Warwick has to offer. I hope that you find my posts interesting and helpful, whether you're a current or prospective student! Feel free to ask any questions!

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Sabrina Luca

Hello, everyone! I am Sabrina and I’m a final-year undergraduate studying Language, Culture and Communication. As my degree suggests, I’m passionate about…people: how they perform communication, how they form relations, and, most importantly, how they enhance their culture and uniqueness in their daily interactions. I can easily explore that here and quickly write down a few lines to give you an insight about "what's going on".

My articles are focused on both academic and non-academic matters, so I'll try to give you a full picture of my undergraduate evolution.

I hope that, as the reader, you will become my fellow throughout my university adventure and my articles will help you plan your own adventure which could have the same destination – Warwick.

If you have any curiosities at all just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help.

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Sophie Schremser

Hi everyone !

My name is Sophie Schremser and I am a final-year student of “Language, Culture and Communication” at the University of Warwick, hoping to one day work in the luxury industry.

French-Austrian, born and educated in Germany, I passed the European Baccalaureate, in the English section of the European School of Frankfurt in 2015. Growing up in a multi-cultural environment initiated a strong sense of wanting to understand other people and triggered the idea of being part of something bigger. It seems natural to me to be attracted to a course revolving around communication – that is what my whole life has been about !

I spend my free time in art galleries, with friends, or calling home. I know how hard it can be adapting to a new chapter in your life, so I hope to be as helpful as I can be. Please feel free to leave me comments or questions about my experience at Warwick, that is why I am here !

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Emilly Taylor

I'm a final-year English Language and Linguistics student. I'm president of Cobalt Magazine, and a Mentor in the Centre for Applied Linguistics Mentor Scheme. I love a good heart to heart chat, and hope you enjoy what I have to say!

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Hi everyone! I'm Michelle, a second-year English Language and Linguistics student at Warwick. I'm also an international student from Hong Kong.

I'm really enjoying my studies at Warwick, so if you're not sure about studying at Warwick/ studying linguistics, feel free to approach me for any questions! I'm also hoping to share the most of my lovely experience to you, stayed tuned and hope you enjoy reading my blogs!

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Bethany Goodman

Beth completed a four-year BA in Language, Culture and Communication. She spent a year studying abroad in Australia.

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Isabel Quah

Isabel completed a three-year BA in Language, Culture and Communication.

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Elena Sandu

Elena completed a three-year BA in Language, Culture and Communication.

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