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Language Lab

Welcome to the Department of Applied Linguistics Language Lab! This page is aimed at people aged 16+ who are studying or are interested in English Language, and who want to learn more about research within Linguistics and Language, and the approach we take at the University of Warwick. Here, you'll find summaries of student led research projects, discussion of language in the news and popular culture, as well as advice and ideas for beginning your studies in linguistics.

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Student Spotlight

Research is at the heart of our undergraduate programme. All of our students conduct independent research projects from their very first term at Warwick, and some even go on to work on funded projects with members of staff, or receive sponsorship from the university's Undergraduate Research Support Scheme to conduct their own investigations over the summer. The Language Lab showcases the very best of our undergraduate research, and you can learn from our students themselves about their experiences exploring at the frontiers of language and linguistics with us!

Student Spotlight: SEO Skills and Language, Communication, and Culture

Student Spotlight: Language and Perception

Language in the News

Our departmental motto is 'Language Matters', and we see this play out every day in all walks of life. When language becomes the focus of conversation in the news or popular culture, articles in the Language Lab will help you make sense of the issues at play. We'll also think about how these real-world examples connect to our courses, and give you an opportunity to think about the kinds of questions you'll investigate when you're studying with us.

Language in the News: Language and Lakoff's Place

Academic Advice

The transition between A-level and undergraduate study can be challenging. Our Academic Advice articles are designed to help you prepare to study language and linguistics at Warwick. With contributions from module leaders and teachers from across our courses, we give you a head start with your university journey.

Academic Advice: How to Get into Linguistics

Academic Advice: Summer Reading Recommendations

We hope you all find these activities useful and enjoy reading about some of the major linguistic theories and methods. The Language Lab is a work in progress: if you have any suggestions for how we could improve, or a topic you would like us to cover, whether you're a student or a teacher setting this as work for their class, please let us know by emailing