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ET218: Language Teaching Methodologies


By taking this module, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the key principles informing various language teaching approaches and methods. You will develop a critically reflective approach to your own learning of the course material and, importantly, you will apply such reflections to the development and justification of your own beliefs about effective language teaching methods and how, particularly, English as a second or foreign language may be effectively taught in particular contexts in this era of internationalisation and globalisation.

Specifically, the nature and value of key language teaching methods and approaches will be critically explored, and such work will feed into the applied side of the module which engages you in activities such as lesson planning, providing a rationale for lesson design choices made, conceptualising and designing language teaching tasks, and evaluating and adapting published teaching materials.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe key developments in the research on second/foreign language learning and the related history of developments in second/foreign language teaching methodology.
  • Critically evaluate different approaches to the teaching of a second language and provide an informed rationale for your own beliefs about how a foreign and/or second language may be effectively taught and learned in a specific context.
  • >Analyse and evaluate a range of materials (including textbooks) for teaching receptive and productive skills, including grammar, lexis and pronunciation, and for helping learners develop their language skills generally.

    Learning Experience


    Core content will be presented during weekly 2-hour lectures.


    Weekly 1-hour small-group seminar will be held which will help you practice and apply course concepts.



    One essay of 3000 words will be assigned which will require you to demonstrate mastery of module related theoretical and conceptual work and apply this understanding to language teaching practice related concerns.

    Preparatory Reading

    • Johnson, K. (2018). An introduction to foreign language learning and teaching. Routledge