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Contacts - Organising and Advisory Committees

Dr Rachel Turner-King

Hello, I'm Rachel. I'm Assistant Professor in Creativity, Performance and Education in Education Studies, University of Warwick. I've been the Course Leader of the MA in Drama and Theatre Education since 2015. My research interests are the theory and practice of hospitality and conviviality, eco-pedagogies, and devising

performance with young people. I was the lead researcher for the UK site in Professor Kathleen Gallagher’s Radical Hope study (2014-19) and her new study Global Youth (Digital) Citizen-Artists and their Publics: Performing for Socio-Ecological Justice​.

I'm honoured to be convening IDIERI 10 and I look forward to meeting you in person or virtually in July 2022.

Nicole Berrios-Ortega


Hi everyone, I'm Nicole, a language teacher from Chile. I was teaching English in Chile when I discovered how drama could help my students develop their language skills. I came to the UK to pursue a Master’s degree in Drama Education and English Language Teaching, which I got in 2018. I enjoyed the experience so much I decided to continue with a PhD. I am currently researching performative language teaching with a group of school teachers in Chile. I'm delighted to be assisting Rachel with organising IDIERI 10.

Dr Claire French, Local Section Coordinator


Hallo, I am Claire. I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and an Associate Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Warwick. As a researcher, I investigate analytical and methodological approaches to making multilingual performance. Currently, I critique the reproduction of linguistic hegemonies in South African autobiographical performance contexts. As a documentary performance-maker, I develop practices that privilege the storyteller in their unique social, epistemological and interactional context - to unearth new truths, new connections and new cultural literacies. I come from a migrant Irish Australian heritage and have lived/made work in Germany, the UK, South Africa and Australia.

Advisory Committee

We are assisted by an excellent advisory team (in alphabetical order): Hannah Barker, Cheryl Cane, Max Dean, Duncan Lees, Jonathan Heron, Nadine Holdsworth, Tracy Irish, Jennifer Kitchen, Steve Mann, Jonothan Neelands, Juliet Raynsford, Anthony Ruck, Bobby Smith, Taryn Storey, Paul Sutton and Joe Winston as well as invaluable advice from previous IDIERI convenors Michael Finneran and Peter O'Connor.