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Guidelines for Volunteering

Chairing Presentations


  • Ensuring the correct signs (room number, presentations) are on the door.
  • Checking Audio-Visual equipment in the room in the morning.
  • Assisting presenters in checking presentations/ uploading their presentations on the PC during morning registration.
  • Ensure that sessions begin and end on time.
  • Responsible for managing time in presentation slots, such as signalling time-limits to presenters (5 minutes left, 1 minute left).
  • Responsible for managing feedback (final questions, 1 minute left etc.).
  • Distribute presenter feedback forms to delegates (presenters collect in).

Chairing Round-Table Discussions


  • Creating starter questions to reflect the theme of the RTD.
  • Ensure that RTDs begin and end on time.
  • If necessary, manage participation so that a range of delegates participate.


Some volunteers will undertake a range of activities on the day of the conference. If you are ensure about what you are doing, please contact the comittee.