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Attending and Registration
Travel and Accommodation
The day
After the Conference

  • Submissions

Q. I am from another University, can I present?

A. Yes, we highly encourage PG students from all universities to present, attend and engage.

  • Registration Fee

Q. Do I have to pay in order to attend?

A. No, you do not have to pay any fees. This conference is FREE for all.

  • Attending and Registration

Q. Are there certificates for attendance?

A. Yes, It will be given out on the conference day.

  • Presentations

Q. What audio-visual facilities are available?

A. All rooms are equipped with a computer, multimedia projector, whiteboard and markers.

Q. Should I email my presentation to the Organising Committee before the conference?

A. We ask that presenters are responsible for their presentations. Please bring your presentation to the conference on a USB stick and e-mail it to your own account as a backup. You should arrive 10 minutes early before the session starts to load your presentation.

  • Travel and Accommodation

Q. How do I get to the venue?

A. Please click here for routes by car, bus, train or bike.

Q. Where can I park my car?

A. Link to car park. Car parking is free on certain car parks during weekends.

Q. Where can I make hotel bookings?

A. You may refer to the links below:

  • The day

Q. When should I arrive?

A. Please aim to arrive at 9.00 am. There will be registration, coffee/tea and opportunities to meet other delegates.

Q. What opportunity exists for networking?

A. The Conference affords many opportunities for delegates to mix and mingle. With the Conference programme, delegates can discuss the day's events and make plans for the rest of the Conference. There is also refreshment breaks and lunch, ensures our delegates have ample time to make and maintain connections.

Q. What is the dress code for the event?

A. Formal-casual.

  • Volunteering

Q. I want to be a volunteer for this event. How can I sign up to be one?

A. On the Registration Page, there is an option to sign up as a volunteer. Mark your preference and submit the form. We will contact you near the conference date.

  • After the Conference

Q. How do I stay in touch with people I met at the conference?

A. We recommend exchanging e-mail addresses. We will have a conference mailing list sign-up sheet that you can join during the conference. You will receive feedback on the conference, be able to reach out to fellow delegates and receive notifications of next year’s conference.

  • Cancellations

Q. I have submitted an abstract but can no longer attend the conference. How can I cancel my registration?

A. Please contact us immediately so that we can amend the conference programme.