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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can present at the conference?

A: All postgraduate researchers with an interest in the broad topic of education are welcome to submit an abstract; you can be at any stage in your research, with specialisations in any stage or topic of education.

Q: I’ve not got much experience of presenting, what if I don’t feel very confident?

A: We’ve all felt that way before, but the conference is very welcoming and a great way to get practice in presenting, a skill that you’ll be glad to have built when applying for jobs and opportunities in the future.

Q: I don’t have any data yet, can I still present?

A: Yes, you don’t need to have original data to get involved. We welcome lots of types of content, for example a review of existing research, an overview of existing policy, real-life reflections on practice from your own experiences, etc. If you’re not sure, send us an email and one of our friendly committee members will be glad to talk you through your ideas.

Q: What are the expectations with time commitments? I’m very busy but still want to get involved!

It shouldn’t take up too much extra time to present at the conference, there are lots of different formats so that you can pick what works best for you. The conference will take place over two days so you can let us know if you’re restricted by which day is feasible, if you are not available on the conference days, you are still invited to submit a presentation for the poster presentation.

Q: I am from another university, can I present?

A: Yes, we highly encourage postgraduate students from all universities to present, attend and engage.

Q: Do I have to pay in order to attend?

A: No, you do not have to pay any fees. This conference is FREE for all.

Q: Should I email my presentation to the Conference Committee before the conference?

A: We request that presentation slides be emailed to the Committee prior to your presentation just in case of a technical hitch on the day. These will be kept securely and deleted after the conclusion of the event.

Q: How do I stay in touch with people I met at the conference?

A: We recommend entering your details on the networking link that will be emailed to you as part of the conference programme. This will enable you to reach out to fellow delegates and receive notifications for next year’s conference.

Q: I have submitted an abstract but can no longer attend the conference. How can I cancel my registration?

A: Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can amend the conference programme.

For any queries regarding the conference, email us at: