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Research Seminar Series

Department of Education Studies - Research Seminar Series 2023-24

18th October 2023

1.00-2.00pm (F2F)

Speaker 1: Dr Ahmad Akkad, Oxford University

Title 1: The role of displaced academics in reconstruction in conflict-affected countries: A longitudinal study of displaced Syrian academics

Speaker 2: Dr Tom Perry and Jess Pilgrim-Brown, University of Warwick

Title 2: Education research in the UK: A survey of the field

15th November 2023

4.00-5.00pm (Online)

Speaker 1: Vassilis Sideropoulos, University College London

Title 1: Beyond the Pandemic Horizon: Navigating the Mental Health Landscape for Neurodivergent Children and Young People

Speaker 2: Professor Jo Van Herwegen, University College London

Title 2: Improving educational outcomes for children with Williams syndrome: Evidence from psychology, policy and practice

13th December 2023 1.00-2.00pm (F2F)

Speaker 1: Hongzhi Zhang; Philip Wing Keung Chan

Title 1: Developing community-engaged pedagogy to enhance teaching practice of Australia Curriculum

Speaker 2: Ronghui (Kevin) Zhou

Title 2: Do Chinese Primary School Teachers Know Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)? – Exploring Their ESD Perspectives and Enactments

17th January 2024

4.00-5.00pm (Online)

Speaker 1: Georgina Newton

Title 1: Education Today; workload and wellbeing issues in policy and practice

Speaker 2: Jen Rowan

Title 2: Relationships, sex and health education: applying policy to practice in teacher education and school

21st February 2024

1.00-2.00pm (F2F)

Speaker 1: Sue Johnston-Wilder

Title 1: Developing anxiety-informed practitioners

Speaker 2: TBD

Title 2: TBD

20th March 2024

4.00-5.00pm (Online)

Speaker 1: Marta Ulanicka

Title 1: Widening participation and social justice in Higher Education: English and Polish institutional approaches

Speaker 2: Marek Smulczyk

Title 2: What do we know about academic resilience in disadvantaged groups of students?

15th May 2024

1.00-2.00pm (F2F)

Speaker 1: TBD

Title 1: TBD

Speaker 2: TBD

Title 2: TBD

19th June 2024

12.00-1.00pm (Online)

Speaker 1: Stephanie Wescott

Title 2: TBD

Speaker 2: TBD

Title 2: TBD

More details on the seminar including the teams link or physical location will be sent via email to all staff and PGRs for each seminar session. We look forward to seeing you at the seminars!


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