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My Curriculum Vitae

Chapel Cottage,

28 Drybridge Hill,

Woodbridge IP12 4HB

Alison Parish

Teaching Experience

1973–1974 Westbourne High School, Ipswich Suffolk County Council

Assistant teacher

Teaching 11 – 16 Science.

1974–1976 Morland Primary School, Ipswich Suffolk County Council

Assistant teacher

Teaching Y6 all subjects.

1982–1982 Claydon High School, Ipswich Suffolk County Council

Part-time assistant teacher

Teaching 11 – 16 Science.

1982–1984 St. Albans High School, Ipswich Suffolk County Council

Assistant teacher

Teaching 11 – 16 Science, Maths, Child care, plus History, Geography, English to Y7 and Y8.

1984–1987 Rushmere Hall Junior School, Ipswich Suffolk County Council

Maths Coordinator

Teaching 7 – 11 all curriculum subjects.

Co-ordinated maths through out the school.

1987–1997 Rushmere Hall Primary School, Ipswich Suffolk County Council

Maths and ICT Coordinator

Teaching 7 – 11 all curriculum subjects.

Co-ordinated maths through out the 4 – 11 school.

Developed ICT for pupils and staff.

County level activities included being involved with Primary Maths year, maths master classes for Y5 /Y6 and Y8/Y9

Led Inset Mathematics and ICT within school and pyramid.

Led Pyramid maths group, developed across phase pyramid activities including master classes in conjunction with Northgate High School.

1997–2002 Leiston Middle School, Leiston Suffolk County Council

Senior manager, Maths Coordinator, Numeracy Manager, ICT Coordinator

Teaching 9 – 13 Maths, PSHE and RE

Led Maths, Numeracy, ICT and part of Teaching and Learning Inset (run by County)

Coordinated Maths and ICT throughout school and involved in developing liaison with Leiston High School.

Raised standards at KS2 and KS3

Introduced graphics calculators and ICT in Maths

Instigated pyramid Maths day with primary, middle and high schools.

County Leading Maths teacher.

Developed staff and pupil ICT, NOF manager and trainer.

Successmaker Manager.

Responsible for day to day running of school, cover and supply staff, plus involvement with assessment and use of data.

2002–2003 Holbrook High School, Ipswich Suffolk County Council

KS3 Maths Coordinator

Teaching 11 – 16 Maths, Y8 ICT

Introduced scheme of work for KS3

Participated in Teaching and Learning group.

Provided support for non-specialist maths teachers and gave them confidence in teaching Mathematics

County Leading Maths teacher - then Partnership, led part of County inset sessions on using the wider curriculum in Maths lessons.

2004–date Stowmarket High School, Ipswich Suffolk County Council

Maths Teacher –supply to September 2004 then appointed to second in Maths Faculty

Teaching 13 – 18 Maths

Involvement in teaching and Learning group

Responsibility for liaison with Middle schools

KS3 mathematics curriculum

Organising Y8 Mathematics day

Led staff Inset on Autograph and GeoGebra

Led a County session on Cross-curricular Maths at KS3

Introduced Certificate of Achievement for the academically weakest students


1962–1969 Northgate Grammar School, Ipswich

13 O Levels.

A Levels in Pure Maths, Chemistry, Zoology.

1969–1972 Nottingham University

B.Sc. Zoology, (with Chemistry, Geology and Psychology subsidiaries). (Ordinary Degree)

1972–1973 Chelsea College, London University

P.G.C.E. (Science/Maths Education)

1993–1996 Institute of Education, Cambridge University

Advanced Diploma in Education (Maths, Disruptive Behaviour in Classrooms, Able Children )

1997–1998 Open University

M.A., Education (modules - Assessment and Planning, Researching Maths Classrooms)

2004 – 2007 Open University

Maths modules (Levels 1 to 3) Using Mathematics, Exploring Mathematics, Statistics in Society, Graphs, Networks and Design

  1. Warwick University

MA level Certificate in teaching ‘A’ level Mathematics

Currently part-time MPhil/PhD student at Warwick University (Study area is How and when is ICT used in mathematics classrooms and the constraints on use).

Other relevant experiences

Preparing a successful bid for NCETM funding to allow me to work with staff on developing GeoGebra files (unfortunately all but one left the school before this could be fully implemented).

Working in a group to develop materials for Bowland initiative (reached second round). We are now developing this as a resource for the ATM website.

Co-produced a publication for ATM ‘Getting Started with GeoGebra’

Involved with the NCETM Cambridge bid to develop GeoGebra materials (Markus Hohenwarter), some to be presented at ATM conference 2009

I am gradually collecting my cross-curricular KS2/3 materials with a view to making them available.

Developing KS4 materials for lower levels to fit with modular GCSE to enable teaching to be thematic in a class of different levels of ability.

As part of my role at ATM I have also been attending national and regional meetings with NCETM, Subject Association Working Group regarding CPD. I have also been involved with QCA meetings, KS3 and KS4 curriculum revision and attend the14-16 Curriculum Working Group meetings

Working as part of a team at ATM (involved in publications, review writing, secondary committee in addition to being treasurer, also staff appointments, appraisals). As part of ATM publishing group, have done proof reading, editing and reviews.