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Alison Parish

About my research

I am currently a part-time research student at Warwick Institute of Education WIE, working on a thesis about the use of ICT in Mathematics lessons, focusing on the secondary years of schooling. I began my study in October 2008. My supervisor is Michael Hammond.

The aim of my research is to look at how teachers use ICT mathematics classrooms, and what is it about the teachers who do so. Several papers and reports have highlighted the fact that many schools are not making the best use of ICT at all levels of education. My objective is to find what encourages teachers to use ICT in lessons and to investigate what might be done to help increase the use by other teachers. I am also considering if there is something in the background of these teachers, their experiences or personality that has some bearing on this. I am hoping that my research will suggest ways in which more teachers can be encouraged to use ICT in mathematics lessons and whether there is a better way of helping teachers to achieve this by modifying current practises.

My Research

About me

I was born in county town of Suffolk, Ipswich, England and now live in Woodbridge, in the east of Suffolk. Much of East Suffolk is a picturesque, quiet rural area much favoured by artists, birdwatchers and those just seeking a quieter, slower pace of life. I am married and have two children who have both left home.

I have spent many years teaching in Suffolk Local Education Authority (LEA) schools and have taught students from age seven to seventeen in primary, middle, secondary and upper schools. I have also had experience of teaching Adult Numeracy classes. I have been a head of department, been in charge of two schools ICT, and a senior manager. For many years I have taken courses with the Open University because I enjoy studying as I always like to have a project and goal to work to. I first came to Warwick University to take part in the TAM (Teaching Advanced Mathematics) course. This was really good as it showed that there is another way to teach A-level than following a textbook and loads of exercises. (When I did A-level we proof read textbooks and the teacher, Gerald Jenkins, sent errors to the publisher - how to motivate your students!). I was originally teaching science but soon converted to teaching mathematics and became involved with LEA activities including calculator projects and masterclasses. I have studied at Nottingham University (BSc), Chelsea College, London University (PGCE), Cambridge University, (Advanced Diploma) and Open University (Masters in Education). In December 2009 I was awarded the status of Chartered Mathematics Teacher.

I am a member of the Association of Mathematics (ATM) and was their Honorary treasurer between 2006 and 2010. I am also a member of the Mathematics Association (MA) where I am involved with both primary and secondary groups, and BSRLM. I attend their conferences and highly recommend them for anyone involved in mathematics education. I am also an associate of National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM).

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Alison Parish

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