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Other Sources

Books available on Educational Research from NetLibrary 

Early Childhood Educational Research : Issues in Methodology and Ethics (eBook) by Aubrey, Carol. Publication: London, New York Taylor & Francis Routledge, 2000.

Educational Research in Europe. Vol. 9 (eBook) BERA Dialogues by Calderhead, James Publication: Clevedon ; Philadelphia Multilingual Matters, 1994.

Comparative and International Research in Education : Globalisation, Context and Difference (eBook) by Crossley, Michael.; Watson, Keith, Publication: London Taylor & Francis, 2003.

Title: Fieldwork in Educational Settings : Methods, Pitfalls and Perspectives (eBook) by Delamont, Sara. Publication: London, New York Taylor & Francis, 2002.

Researching Education Policy : Ethical and Methodological Issues (eBook) Social Research and Educational Studies Series ; 14 by Halpin, David.; Troyna, Barry. Publication: London, Washington, D.C Taylor & Francis Routledge, 1994.

Researching Your Own Practice : The Discipline of Noticing (eBook) by Mason, John. Publication: London, New York Taylor & Francis, 2002.

Doing Research About Education (eBook) Social Research and Educational Studies Series; 17 by Walford, Geoffrey. Publication: London, Bristol, PA Taylor & Francis, 1998.

The Researcher's Toolkit : The Complete Guide to Practitioner Research (eBook) by Wilkinson, David Publication: London ; New York Routledge, 2000.

Research with Children: Perspectives and Practices by Christensen, Pia and James, Allison Publication: London, Routledge, (2000). Second edition 2008

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