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Dora Lai-wa Pratley-To

"Drama ... is not life described but life imagined, it is possibility and not reproduction."

Howard Baker, Arguments for a Theatre
(cited as in Gallagher, 2007, The Theatre of Urban: Youth and Schooling in Dangerous Times)

I am a PhD student from the Centre for Education Studies of the University of Warwick. I come from Hong Kong. My PhD supervisor is Professor Jonothan Neelands.

The research question is: Can drama as pedagogy be used to develop social communicative capabilities of working class learners to learn English?

Sub-questions are:

If so, what claims are made for transformative change(s) through drama inflected EAL teaching?
What are the prerequisite conditions that might facilitate this transformative success in learning English as an additional language (EAL)?

My Warwick Photo

Lai Wa Dora Pratley-To

doratolw at yahoo dot com dot hk


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