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The Ecology of mind

The Ecology of mind is my record of my personal experience of my PhD study. My study is getting to be a year. During this year of part-time study, imageries have been emerging in my mind at different stages and status of my study. They have metaphorized my cognitive and emotional experience of the study. These images have been evolving. I don't know what the final image would be like towards the completion of my study but it would be a place to sort out my thoughts other than intellectual thinking. Maybe you could find something in common.

1. Strolling along the big forest:

I am walking in a big forest. It is very deep and massive. Wherever I stop, there will be something interesting for me to look into, to explore, and to wander. Wherever I walk past by, there will be precious things for me to pick up. I don't know what they were but collecting them makes me feel satisfied. It is like a treasure hunt. Wherever I stroll around, I will be inspired. This delightful inspiration opens many paths for me to explore this massive forest. Do I know where I am going? I am unsure but I am enjoying just being in such a maze-like field. What an adventure!

The Forest

2. A spider who doesn't like her web:

3. Patches on the quilt: