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Rania Mohamed

Research topic: The Impact of a Quality Assurance System on Private Education in the State of Qatar.

The main inquiry: What is the impact of the external national evaluation process on international schools in the Stae of Qatar from the perspectives of schools' evaluators and schools' principals?

My name is Rania Mohamed. I am a senior school evaluation specialist and a second-year MPhil/Ph.D. student. My research interest focuses on Quality Assurance in education specifically the evaluation system in the State of Qatar in the Middle East. I have worked in the education field for more than 18 years. But I deeply enjoyed my role when I started to make a contribution in a larger context through evaluating schools' performance to provide them with their strengths and areas of developments. Then, I felt that the this is the time to use research to inform my practices. So, I decided to study my master’s degree in Qatar University in 2016 in the field of Educational Leadership concept. Then, to narrow that down and be specialised in Quality Assurance through studying my Ph.D. in the University of Warwick.