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Gabriele Allegro

MA Drama Education and English Language Teaching

Why did you choose to study this course at the University of Warwick?
I have chosen to study this course because of the unique combination of two distinct, still closely related subjects, namely Drama Education and English Language Teaching and the opportunity to access the facilities of two outstanding departments.

What have been the highlights of the programme so far?
The programme, on one hand, through academic lectures, has built a solid theoretical background of Applied Linguistics and Drama and Theatre in Education; on the other, through seminars and practical workshops, it has offered me deep insights and experiences of good practice which includes both disciplines. Also, the various activities offered throughout the academic year, such as performances and workshops held in local schools, additional drama workshops and theatre visits, have offered me another opportunity for implementing the principles met during the course.

Would you recommend this course to a friend? Why?
Yes, because this course doesn't just prepare you in theory and practice to embark on the profession of Drama and Second Language Teaching, but throughout the academic year, you are exposed to a range of experiences which encourage you to reflect on your aspirations on the real purpose of Education. At the end of this journey, you will not only develop the tools to start practicing in the field, you will also be inspired to engage deeply in the profession and keep developing, as a teacher and as an individual.