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Student Perspectives

Please select from the tags below to view profiles of previous and current ES students. You can also view our student blogs here.

Ahmad Akkad

MA Global Education and International Development

Charlotte Colley

BA Education Studies

Gabriele Allegro

MA Drama Education and English Language Teaching Alumni

Jasmine Steen

Hear Jasmine's thoughts on the BA Education Studies

Jingyue Luo

MA Educational Studies Alumni

Jinjue Lin

Hear from Jinjue on her volunteering at a local SEN school

Jo Shimell

Hear from Jo about her work at a charity as part of her work-based placement module

Ximo Jiao

Intercultural Approaches to Childhood Module

Ximo Jiao

MA Global Education and International Development

Xuemeng Cao

Current PhD in Education and Student Champion

Yanina Yuan

MA Drama and Theatre Education