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Ximo Jiao

MA Global Education and International Development

The programme ‘Global Education and International Development’ focus on exploring the place of education in globalization, changes and influencing factors of education for different regions in a globalized environment.

I chose this course because I have been interested in factors affecting education in different parts of the world, especially in developing countries such as south Africa and Asia countries for a long time. Because my motherland China is also in the developing stage and faces many problems in the reform and development of education, I want to learn more about the discourse of education in globalization to help with this problem. I want to explore specific factors affecting the imbalance in the development of international education. Before studying this module, I had only a macro-level concept of the country ’s political policy and economic development that affects the quality and popularity of education.

Since studying at Warwick, I gradually understand theories which relate to education such as human capability theory and human rights theory, causes of migration and movement. The theoretical knowledge and related examples in this course are taught in an easy-to-understand and clear way, helping me quickly understand the problems and gains of global education in the international development in a short time. achievement. In addition,

another aspect I am very grateful for is that all the tutors are very helpful, they asked my question patiently and offered me valuable advice about my coursework.