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Jingyue Luo

MA Educational Studies

Why did you choose to study this course at the University of Warwick?
After finishing my undergraduate study in the major of teaching Chinese as a second language in China, I wanted to experience the education system in a western country. The long standing history of UK attracted me and I was recommended by a friend to apply to the University of Warwick. She said the university has a great number of excellent professors with many student services. My experience in this half-year study at CES has lived up to my expectation. Looking at CES, I found there are many courses relevant to education including drama, leadership and childhood. Our department has shown me many different aspects of education, making my learning experience very diverse, allowing me to make the best of this one-year study.

What have been the highlights of the programme so far?
The range of course topics are wide, professors introduce us to different education theories which gives us chance to experience and observe the UK school and college education model. We all had a great time during school visits, observing class teachers and chatting to students in primary and secondary school. The experience was valuable and we learnt a lot. The professors allowed us to compare our own country’s education system and history during the programme which I found very helpful and worth learning.

Would you recommend this course to a friend? Why?
I would certainly recommend this course to friends or colleagues who are looking to study education further. It's always an honour to work with professors in CES and they are always there to help students when we need it. Also, at the University of Warwick, I found lots of great opportunities; the department of Student Careers & Skills offers all Warwick students a chance to improve their knowledge, including information and advice on education careers and help with study skills which I found to be a significant benefit.