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Yanina Yuan

MA Drama and Theatre Education

What is your background is and what led to you studying Drama and Theatre Education?
Before I studied at Warwick, I studied in Central Academy of Drama, My major is playwriting for drama. Three years after graduation, I have been working in the field of art. Additionally, I organized a drama studio and worked as a drama volunteer to service more people.

When I was working, I realized that the field of drama is very broad. Drama not only exists as an artistic form or curriculum for students, but also as an Applied Drama(Like drama in education). After sufficient comparison, I was attracted by the major of drama and theatre education of Warwick University, so luckily, I chose it as my major.

How did you find the course and what was your favourite part?
Drama and Theatre Education has a great class context. I was not just going to class as a student, but also as a participant in an Drama Education program, which makes me feel excited and I looked forward to the class every week. The curriculum of Drama and Theatre Education is very practical, under the leadership of course leader Cheryl, I obtained new knowledge, made lots of friends, as well as do some part-time job in Warwick Arts Centre, which Cheryl supported me with a lot. I liked this way of learning very much, it made me feel relaxed, full of energy, let me release my personal creativity in the class.
What are you doing now and how are you using what you studied and experienced at Warwick?
Now I am a university teacher in in CUCN (Communication University of China, Nanjing). I teach Creative Thinking, Dramatic Writing, Film History, as well as a tutor of Drama studio rehearsal. As a guide, I always remember my experience of studying at the university of Warwick, remember how Cheryl guide me in the course of individual thinking. So when I work as a teacher in my class, I always try my best to create a safe context, and provide a wide range of possibilities of learning to my students, leading them to think independently, find problems by teamwork, and puts forward problems. I think Drama and Theatre Education is a key to solve different problems. I even hold some personal workshops to invite friends and strangers to discuss the Problems in the education industry in China.