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Welcome to New Technologies Group

Centre for New Technologies Research in Education (CeNTRE) opened in October 1998 as a leading centre for teaching, development and research in Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

What we do....

We are a grouping of academics and research students whose purpose is the exploration of new technologies and their impact on teaching and learning in its widest context. We take a critical view of new technologies, taking account of the opportunities, but recognising the difficulties, they present for learners, their teachers, and for wider communities. We seek to contribute in practical and theoretical ways to the deliberate use of technology and help inform the development of new learning spaces.

We aim to:

  • carry out research which engages with new technology. We have a varied agenda covering small scale research project of local interest to large scale evaluations for and with partner institutions
  • provide a supportive network for our members through meetings, reading and study groups and joint research activity
  • disseminate our research through seminars, mini conferences, papers and conferences
  • provide support for research students through supervision of projects, networking and student conferences in this area of enquiry

We aim to use our research to inform our teaching in particular to:

  • support the professional development of teachers, and other professionals, at all stages of their careers
  • to use new technologies to support teaching and learning and to develop new learning environments
  • model the effective use of new technology

Our multi media Centre

We are based in a multi media centre with access to leading edge facilities for the development of ICT