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The Warwick Research-Informed Education (RIEd) Cluster

The Research-Informed Education (RIEd) Cluster and Network

The Warwick RIEd cluster aims to study, research, develop and champion a broad, critical, innovative, advanced and constructive approach to research-informed teaching, learning and leadership in education. We are interested in understanding all forms and traditions of research and their potential contribution to education.

This includes consideration of:

  • research, policy and practice and the interrelationships between these
  • policy- and practitioner-led research
  • policy and practice engagement with and in research
  • research literacy in schools and the teaching profession
  • research ecosystems, infrastructure, policy, leadership and cultures

We are a school-wide cluster, open to all Warwick staff, postgraduate researchers, and collaborators. We welcome cluster members at all career stages and all levels of experience with education research. We also work closely with other research clusters and groups. Just email Tom ( and/or Jen ( to be added to the cluster’s email contact list. This group is open to all Warwick staff, postgraduate researchers, and collaborators.

The RIEd Network

The RIEd cluster also supports the RIEd Network. This is an open-access network, co-ordinated around a newsletter and blog about research-informed education. You can sign up and find out more here:

To be part of the network, all you need to do is to sign up to the free newsletter and blog. No strings attached. You will receive content and information about research-informed education in your inbox. We will do our best to keep it relevant, interesting, useful and accessible.

We hope that some people will also want to get involved and contribute to the network (e.g., write a blog, advertise or support events, come to/arrange a face to face meeting, be part of a research collaboration). Please get in touch with Tom ( and/or Jen ( with any suggestions, or just to say hello and make a connection.


Currently in their early stages, the RIEd Network and Warwick RIEd Cluster are co-convened by Tom Perry and Jen Rowan-Lancaster. Tom and Jen both teach and research at the University of Warwick. Cluster members are currently being sought. Please get in touch if interested.