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Mental Health, Education and Philosophy

Why mental health, education and philosophy?

Mental health is a leading issue for young people. Amidst reports of a rising crisis in mental health, schools are being called upon to do more to support young people. But will the interventions and changes envisaged by policy-makers address what needs to be addressed?

The crisis in mental health raises questions of a philosophical nature. These include how we should make sense of mental health, and of experiences of distress and disquiet as they occur within a human life. Philosophers throughout history and from across traditions have been involved in examining, and revisioning, the responsibilities of education and the relationship between education and mental health.

This project focuses on the philosophy of mental health and education. In connection with those calling for a better discourse about mental health and education to be developed, it examines: how can philosophy help us to think, talk and educate differently about mental health?

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