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Policy Special IssueLink opens in a new window now published in the Journal of Philosophy of Education on 'Philosophy, Mental Health and Education.'

Edited by Emma Williams (University of Warwick).

The policy special issue is a special kind of publication. It does not simply include standard academic articles but features more accessible and imaginative essays and short pieces, with the aim of engaging a broader audience in the ideas. The policy special issue:

  • Brings together philosophers, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and other therapeutic practitioners to explore approaches to of mental health in schools.
  • Shows the philosophical questions raised by the mental health crisis and mental health education.
  • Makes a case for the humanities and arts as forms of mental health education.
  • Includes interviews with leading public figures in mental health including Adam PhillipsLink opens in a new window and Sanah AhsanLink opens in a new window.

Featuring 18 contributions, including: