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Impact of Leadership Group Research

Impact of Leadership Group Research

Research undertaken by Leadership Group staff and associates has made a significant impact on policy and practice in England and internationally. NCSL evaluations have informed programme design while research on BME leaders has influenced national policy in this area. The research on the new South African principals’ qualification will inform programme design and the Minister of Education’s decision on whether or not this programme should become mandatory for newly appointed principals.

Tony Bush (director) and Pontso Moorosi evaluated the South African pilot qualification for school principals. Following our report, and recommendations, the South African Council of Education Ministers decided that all new principals must take the qualification within three years of appointment.

Janet Goodall and Alma Harris produced a literature review for Save the Children which resulted in the charity's use of the FAST programme. The programme has had successful trials in the UK, and Save the Children plans to reach 50,000 children through the programme by 2014.

Sonia Blandford's work for the Department for Education on the Achievement for All pilot had direct impact on the 2011 Green Paper and the iterim Allen Review, and led to the national roll out of Achievement for All. Her work with Teach First has led to WIE being the Quality Leader for the Teach First Programme, and an Outstanding grade from Ofsted.