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augmented reality

Augmented Reality enables us to view the real world with the addition of virtual components. These components can annotate the world around us or simulate highly immersive scenarios with realistic 3D components. The potential of augmented reality to improve quality of life has long been recognized, e.g. for biometric monitoring, assisting the disabled, wayfinding, training, etc. However, poor device localization and poor interaction between real and virtual components has limited AR’s usefulness. However, recent developments in machine learning, sensor devices and cloud-based communication are offering a step change in AR’s potential. New technologies such as Google’s ARCore, Apple’s ARKit and Microsoft’s HoloLens are poised for consumer impact, and academics are already working with development kits. This seminar aims to demonstrate state of the art augmented reality and stimulate discussion on potential novel use cases. The talk will explain the technology, and cite some recent projects at Salford University which exploit AR.

Ian Drumm will be presenting.