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Contemporary challenges in technology for learning: identifying and addressing gaps in the field

We are pleased to invite Don Passey, Professor of Technology Enhanced Learning, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University, UK, to discuss how he sees contemporary challenges in technology for learning.

There is much controversy concerning whether and to what extent technologies support learning. Don proposes that a question as to ‘whether technologies can support learning’ is over-simplistic, and that the complexities underlying the question need to be critically examined if the questioning is to be in any way fruitful. Problematising the issue of evidence can be explored through a number of lenses – focusing on technologies, pedagogies, learners, and supporters. From these lenses, gaps in our evidence bases become more apparent. Don will highlight the where we are today, and argue how we might consider addressing some fundamental gaps in our evidential knowledge base.

11.30 Friday 27 April 2018 Wolfson Exchange