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Ethics Seminar

We would like to invite you to our next seminar of the Technologies for Learning cross-disciplinary research group. The topic for this seminar is ethics in researching technology for learning.
Location & Time
Research Exchange, Library Friday 11 November 2016, 9.45-12.00.
Event Details
All academic activities must be ethically sound. How do we ensure that students (and academics) are sensitive to ethical concerns, and how can "ethical consent" be streamlined so that it does not become a burden? One ethical issue is academic integrity, which is a big problem throughout education, and it's getting worse. How do we prevent students from behaving dishonestly (i.e., cheating), how do we catch them when they do, and what processes and sanctions should a university use? Topics for discussion may include:
  • Plagiarism in essays
  • Plagiarism in specific disciplines (computer programs, artwork, etc.)
  • Plagiarism detection tools
  • Evidence of cheating required by university disciplinary panels
  • Handling information on the Internet correctly
  • Process for gaining ethical consent
  • How to decide when a project is (or is not) ethically OK
  • What should the theoretical foundations of Ethics be?
  • We will be raising these and other issues with Mike Joy and Jane Sinclair. We have some invited contributions too. We would like to know if you would like contribute a formal slot too - ­ an opinion or something you have worked on? Please email as soon as you can. Please confirm your attendance by filling in this form, as places are limited.
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