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MOOCs Seminar

We would like to invite you to our second seminar of the Technologies for Learning cross-disciplinary research group. The topic for this seminar is MOOCS.
Location & Time
Come to the Wolfson Research Exchange Room 3, Library, second floor , 9.30 ­- 12.30 Friday 13 May 2016.
Event Details
MOOCs are Massive Open Online Course generally aimed at very large numbers of participants and open access via the web. Two things which makes this a new and interesting area:
  • opening opportunities for access to learning
  • great uncertainty as to what has been achieved to date
Some questions asked about MOOCs are: - How massive is massive? - Who in practice uses MOOCs? - Does it matter if so many drop out? - What typologies of MOOCs are there? - Are MOOCs and the study of MOOCs on the way out? - Where are the compelling cases showing the value of MOOCs? - Where are the causes for concern? More locally we will be asking about experiences of MOOCs at Warwick too and hearing about developments. We will be raising these and other issues with Dot Powell and Jane Sinclair. We have some invited contributions too. We would like to know if you would like contribute a formal slot too ­ an opinion or something you have worked on? Please email Dot ( as soon as you can. Please confirm your attendance by filling in this form, as places are limited.
As well as inviting your participation in the seminar, we would like to invite you to meet afterwards (12.30-1pm) to discuss ideas for future events.
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