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Learning Analytics Seminar

We would like to invite you to our inaugural seminar of the Technologies for Learning cross-disciplinary research group. The topic for this seminar is Learning Analytics.
Location & Time
Come to the PG Hub rooms 1 and 2 inside Senate House, 9.30 ­- 11.45 Friday 26 February.
Event Details
Learner analytics is a new field which explores the extent to which you can draw conclusions about learning from data. Two things which makes this a new and interesting are:
  • Increasing opportunities to interrogate very large sets of data such ascensus, students survey and longitudinal tracking data
  • The very large sets of data that are now collected automatically (for example so called dashboard data in Virtual learning Environments) but are in general underused
Some questions asked about learning analytics are: - Is this really new and does it need a new label such as learning analytics? - Are we being swamped by data and forgetting about explanation? - What ethical issues arise in respect to collecting and using big data? - Are the data simply confirming the obvious? - Can we make predictions based on past learner behavior? - Where are the relatable and compelling cases for learning analytics? - Where are the causes for concern? We will be raising these and other issues with Amber Thomas and Robert O'Toole. We have some invited contributions too. We would like to know if you would like contribute a formal slot too ­ an opinion or something you have worked on? Please email Amber ( as soon as you can. Please confirm your attendance by filling in this form, as places are limited.
Research degree students
As well as inviting your participation in the seminar, we would like to invite you to meet afterwards (12-1pm) to discuss ideas for future events. Please let us know if you can come?
Attend the after-event session
Attend the after-event session
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