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e-CLILT (e-based Content and Language Integrated Learning Training)

Project Title: e-CLILT
Sponsor/Collaborator: EU - EACEA Lifelong Learning Programm
Funding Amount: E 299,937 (total)
Project Schedule: October 2007 - October 2009
Project Team: Ms Marilyn Hunt, Dr Ann Barnes and Dr Sean Neill Warwick Institute of
Education,University of Warwick
With several european partners from University of Molise,
University of Linz, Riojan Centre of Educational Innovation (C.R.I.E)
Directorate of Secondary Education of Korinthia, Université Blaise
Pascal Teacher Training College in Bydgoszcz, University of Zilina,
Slovakia, State Secondary High School Livia Bottardi,
Project Aims e-CLILT (e-based Content and Language Integrated Learning Training)
addresses directly the 2007 Priorities about 'Content and Language
Integrated Learning (CLIL)' aiming at enhancing the quality and
European dimension of teacher training in a consortium of
eight partner countries (IT, AT, ES, FR, GR, PL, SK, UK).
the aims of the project can be divided into a teaching and learning
dimension (to widen the Eurpean network of institutions involved
in CLIL promoting the use of interactive methodologies and
constructivist learning theories) and a cultural dimension
(to support multilingualism in Europe and encourage understanding,
tolerance and respect, in accordance with the Decision of the European
Parliament and of the Council to declare 2008 the 'European Year
of Intercultural Dialogue'.
The expected outcomes of the project are:
i) a blended trans-national model training course
(on-line and face-to-face) for CLIL teacher trainers adaptable to
different countries.
The course duration of 120 hours is achieved by limiting the contact
hours to 30 and creating an on-line component of 90 hours.
ii) A course guide book with sample material in the eight target
languages (EN, FR, ES, PL, IT, SK, GR, DE)
iii) A CD-Rom with simulations of the way the learning platform's
functionality and content have been exploited together with extensive
samples of the course material and peer exchanges.
The field of application to the eight target languages represented in
the partnership ( 3 Romance, 2 Germanci and 2 Slavic language plus
Greek) will extend the CLIL context of application for beyond EN,
including also minority languages (eg PL in AT) and promoting the
introduction of CLIL in new countries (Greece).
Strategies of promotion, dissemination and exploitation have been
planned and the combination of internal and external evaluation
will quarantee quality products and a short-term and long-term impact.